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If you already spend hours every week finalizing your schedule, the last thing you need is for a callout or staffing mistake to leave you with empty shifts and underqualified employees.

Take the guesswork out of scheduling with automated, skillset-based tools that put the right people in the right places at the right times. Ensure compliance with union rules, improve transparency with 100% visibility into daily activities, automate the shift bidding process, and more with the robust suite of scheduling tools below.

Replacement Policy

Ditch the rolodex and create robust AI-powered rulesets to fill overtime shifts based on factors like employee skillset, certifications, or seniority.

Open Shifts

When it’s time to fill a shift, don’t waste time calling employees one by one. Set shift requirements based on skill, availability, and more, then notify the eligible employees with the push of a button.

Shift / Vacation Bidding

Cut your scheduling time and increase employee engagement with the process by letting them bid on available shifts and vacation time directly from their mobile device.

Shift Validation

Don’t fill holes in your schedule with unqualified employees. Set minimum staffing requirements for every shift so you can be sure they’re covered, and if there is a callout, automatically identify and notify qualified replacements.


Improve productivity and accountability by tracking job times, locations, equipment, and tasks so you always know exactly where your employees are and what they are working on.

Compliance Manager

Ensure compliance with labor and union rules, contracts, and HR policies with an automated rules-based system that fairly distributes overtime, calculates pay rules, and maintains minimum staffing requirements.

Court Scheduling

Manage subpoena delivery and acknowledgment and track court assignments directly within your main schedule to avoid unnecessary overtime and scheduling conflicts.