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The #1 Police
Side Job Solution

Superior AI-powered technology allows Jobs4Blue to pinpoint exactly which officers are right for each job.

Extra Duty Scheduling

Fill and bill your off duty work directly within your workforce management platform while ensuring transparency and fair distribution of hours based on your own specific rules.


Put the tedious administrative work of scheduling extra duty into the hands of experts with 25 years of experience in police scheduling. Jobs4Blue’s no-hassle structure and expert scheduling services have made it the go-to side job provider for both police AND vendors.

Tailored Side Jobs

Do you struggle to keep up with the flood of vendor calls but want to continue awarding jobs manually? No problem. Jobs4Blue will do as much or as little as you want us to, with full and self-service models available, as well as everything in between.

No Speedbumps

We build and award jobs 24/7, and unlike other side job providers, Jobs4Blue will work with any vendor without needing lengthy contracts. Officers can check into and verify jobs through their personal devices, and after the job is finished, invoices are created instantly, and your officers are paid quickly


We cultivate strong relationships with vendors, who know that when they choose Jobs4Blue, they’re choosing the reliability of an organization with 25 years of experience managing police scheduling. Features like our interactive vendor portal, round-the-clock service, and timely, accurate invoicing have made Jobs4Blue the undisputed leader of NJ side job scheduling.


Accordion tool for the steps of how the process works and what VCS and J4B can do with an intro of a few lines of text for explanation.

Contractors contact Jobs4Blue and provide the job and personnel details to an extra duty scheduling specialist or use the Jobs4Blue portal to create a job request themselves.

After receiving the job details, the Jobs4Blue team builds the job within our system, logging all logistics and requirements.

Eligible officers immediately receive a notification that the job is available can instantly sign up for the job with just a click of a button.

Jobs4Blue awards the job based on department eligibility rules. Officers awarded the job receive a text message, email notification, and/or telephone call to confirm the job.

Once an officer has accepted the job, Jobs4Blue confirms with the contractor that the position has been filled.

Officers check in and out via their mobile device when arriving and leaving a jobsite. Location tracking can be enabled as an additional, no-cost feature.

Jobs4Blue confirms that the job has been completed as noted by the officer. Job verification ensures that timely payment terms are always met.

Jobs4Blue finances the float and ensures that officers receive immediate payment processed in conjunction with their next payroll, so they never wait for payment.

Jobs4Blue will manage all payment and collection activity directly with the contractor and should a contractor fail to pay, Jobs4Blue absorbs the loss and reimburses the officer.

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